Writing Your Dissertation in 20 Minutes a Day

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You might have all the intention of beating the deadline, but things may not go your way such that you find that you’re left with your coursework up to the last minute. But don’t sweat because writing your dissertation in 20 minutes a day is actually doable. Between procrastination, nights out and other deadlines to beat, the time really moves fast. However, the worst thing you can do during this time is to worry. So, keep calm, clean up the sweat and learn how to write your dissertation in 20 minutes a day.


Failing to plan is actually planning to fail. Maybe you haven’t understood this rule up to date but there are a few things you can do before the deadline that will make your frantic dissertation writing easy. Make sure you fuel your body and mind with healthy meals such as porridge so that you can stop that mid-morning slump over your desk.

Be accountable

This is not a very new idea. In fact, it’s the idea that most writing groups use. When you know very well that you’ll report to a certain group at certain dates, it’s hard to put off your writing. It’s not that they are judgmental but once you share your struggles, you’ll realize that they are very supportive. The simple reason for being accountable is that it will drive you to put in more effort. While it’s easy to excuse your failures, it’s a bit hard to do this to others.

Spend time indoors and take regular breaks

Make sure you spend the 20 minutes writing indoors and take some short breaks so as to remain productive. For instance, for 20 minutes, ensure that you take a break at an interval of 10 minutes each. Your creative mind always works best when you are away from your workstation. Have you ever wondered why you get some of the best ideas when you are walking outside or in a shower?

Have momentum

In order to make the most of your writing window, it’s very important to maximize the 20 minutes. The 20 minutes should only be for getting words into the document and not for tracking down citations of quotes. All these activities can end up eating on your valuable time. If you adopt this strategy, you’ll definitely free yourself. However, if you can’t do this the best thing to do is to buy dissertation.

Set limits

One of the best things to do is to set a limit on your every day’s writing. Apart from writing for 20 minutes, you should set an upper window. You should not write until you are frustrated and stymied. Instead, you should cease while you are still feeling good and writing well. This will then make it simple for you to start writing the following day. When you stop writing while still having ideas resuming the following day will be very simple.

Celebrate your success at the end of each week

One of the best decisions you can ever make is to celebrate what you’ve achieved. Make sure you have enough fun. Although you might think that you are wasting time, this will inspire you to put in more effort while looking forward to fun days.

Well, that is how to write your dissertation in 20 minutes each day. But if you can’t stick to this, you just need to buy a dissertation.

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